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Broth Enriched Soy Sauce

Marujyu Oya – Aji Marujyu

Aji Marujyu, synonymous with Marujyu Oya, is made from broth extracted from carefully selected ingredients, and so it retains its distinct taste even when diluted. It can be used for a dipping sauce or diluted up to five times for soup bases, which is the key to its wide range of culinary enjoyment. Aji Marujyu is used in Yamagata’s favorite event ‘Japan’s No.1 Imoni Festival’, where a giant taro potato and beef stew is cooked in a six-meter cauldron outside by the river.

Aji Marujyu Fresh Bottle

A ‘sealed bottle’ made using two layers, keeps the contents fresh for up to 90 days after opening. A convenient table top bottle that can be easily controlled to a single drop ensuring you never overpour.

Aji Marujyu Mist

A convenient mist spray bottle which can be used to adjust the flavor and add finishing touches to dishes with one push. Never having a problem of over seasoning.

Marujyu Oya - Aji Marujyu Reduced Salt

Retaining the full flavor of Aiji Marujyu yet with only half the salt content of regular soy sauce. The same taste and aroma with only 7.5% salt. A delicious and versatile reduced salt, broth enriched soy sauce.

Marujyu Oya - Aji Marujyu Premium

A premium soy sauce style seasoning with a rich and refined flavor. It is made by blending traditionally brewed soy sauce with a broth made using a secret technique to extract flavors from Satsuma-bushi (dried fish flakes) and thick Hidaka-kombu (kelp).

Tebiyama Broth Enriched Soy Sauce - Light ・ White ・Dark

The Tebiyama method of smoking katsuo (bonito fish) has been handed down continuously since the Edo era in Izu, Shikoku. It is an extremely important process, which produces a katsuobushi (dried fish flakes) with a distinctive flavor and aroma. It takes over a month to ensure the smell of the smoking process doesn't permeate the katsuo. The original flavor and aroma of the katsuo are retained and it is said to be the best katsuobushi available. Aji Marujyu - Tebiyama is made using this precious Tebiyama katsuobushi. For sweetness premium ‘Sanuki Wasanbon sugar’ has been used to complete this superior product.

Soy Sauce

Low-salt Certified - Marujyu Special Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

For those who are concerned about salt content. With 50% less salt than regular dark soy sauce, ‘Marujyu Special Reduced Salt Soy Sauce’ has received renewed certification for ‘low-salt’ as endorsed by the National Cardiovascular Center. The ‘light use of salt to enhance the flavor‘ is the current way of thought for ‘low salt’ . Only products that pass strict inspection for criteria that, as well as low-salt also includes the balance between flavor and nutrition, are approved.

Marujyu Soy Sauce - Fresh Bottle

A ‘sealed bottle’ made using two layers, keeps the contents fresh for up to 90 days after opening.

Marujyu Soy Sauce - Mist

With just one push giving a 0.2 ml spray it is convenient to help the daily reduction of salt when cooking.


Aji Marujyu - Ponzu Fresh Bottle

A base of Aji Marujyu flavored with natural citrus juices from sudachi, yuzu, and bitter orange.

Sesame Sauce

Sales Period: November to April
A sauced packed with richly aromatic golden sesame seeds.

Yamagata Tsuyu – Dark Broth

A typical Yamagata style soup, made using plenty of Sodabushi and katsuobushi (dried fish flakes), to accentuate the broth flavor, creating a taste befitting of this soba producing area.

Marushibori Bonsu with Sudachi

Sales Period: Nov - Apr
Freshly squeezed fruit juice combined with kombu (kelp) and katsuo (dried bonito) broth. The wonderful natural fresh aroma of citrus juice creates a mild tasting authentic ponzu.

Soup Selection

Yamagata has a variety of local noodles from chilled ramen to chilled niku-soba (chicken base soba). We have put together a collection of soups so these flavors can be easily enjoyed at home with the family. The broth has been carefully prepared to reproduce the restaurant taste.

Yamagata Imoni Sauce

Imoni, a traditional autumn stew made with taro potato and beef, can be made easily at home. A convenient sauce for great flavor with just one bottle.

Leaf Mustard Pickle Base

Delicious leaf mustard pickles, a traditional winter food in Yamagata, can be made easily at home.


Koji Miso using 100% Tsuyahime Rice

Made with aromatic and sweet Tsuyahime rice. A ratio of 15:10 rice to soy beans, and a lower salt content of 9.8%.

Additive-free Tsuyahime Germ Rice Koji Miso

Free from additives and rich in vitamin E, made under the supervision of Professor Noriharu Gomei of Kagawa Nutrition University.


Kyo-ichiraku is about the pleasure of musical vibrations. While the miso is undergoing the fermentation process, seven Bose speakers are placed in the fermentation and maturation storehouse. The miso is matured to the beautiful overtures of Bach’s baroque masterpieces, which is said to stimulate the activity of yeast and enzymes creating a rich and mellow tasting miso.

Jizo Miso - Raw and Additive-free

Additive-free, raw miso made with 12% koji and rice from Yamagata prefecture.

Jizo Miso - Reduced Salt, Raw and Additive-free

An additive-free raw miso, retaining the same delicious taste with only 9% salt content.


Kuden means ‘oral tradition’ and is made using the old fashioned ‘hara-awase’ method in which equal parts of rice and beans are used. Popular for its simple taste.

Marujyu Sweets

Premium Custard Pudding
Sweet soy sauce/miso/koji

Sweet Soy Sauce Fondue
Matcha White Chocolate Fondue

Soy Sauce Choux Cream

Ice Cream
Soy sauce/Vanilla/Mix

Pre-packaged Food

Yamagata Beef Curry (hot)

Made with tender shredded beef, 15 carefully selected spices, slowly sautéed onions, and plenty of fruit chutney.

Yamagata Beef Curry (mild)

Made with tender shredded beef, slowly sauteed onions, fruit chutney, and Yamagata’s own Tsuyahime rice amazake giving a rich sweet finish.

Yamagata Prefecture Rice-fed Pork Curry (medium)

Using thinly sliced Komenoko-buta, a brand of pork from Kanayama town in Yamagata prefecture, known for its distinctive light sweet taste.

Yamagata Beef Stew

Made with slowly simmered fond de veau and fresh cream.

Yamagata Beef Hayashi

Made with Yamagata beef and toasted onions slowly simmered in a tomato and wine sauce.

Yamagata Beef Bolognaise Sauce

An authentic Italian style meat sauce packed with the umami of Yamagata beef.

Rice Base

Fried Rice - Curry Pilaf (Yamagata beef)

Easy to prepare with one frying pan. Free from artificial flavorings.


Halal certified Soysauce

Marujyu Soy Sauce is naturally brewed and aged for full flavor from water,nonGM soybeans,wheat and salt.lntensify the flavor,and aroma.

Halal certified Dashi Soy sauce

Combination of soup stock taken from dried bonito and authentically brewed soy sauce. You can use dashi soy sauce in place of regular soy sauce for dipping, soup stock, and other cooking uses.

Halal certified Mentsuyu

Includes plenty of dried, flaked bonito. The best soup base for soba, udon, and somen noodles. It’s great for other soups as well. Please use it diluted as follows: 1 cup (this product): 2cups cold water for Tsuketsuyu. 1 cup (this product): 3cups (hot water) for Kaketsuyu.

Halal certified Soysauce

A combination of authentically brewed soy sauce and fragrant yuzu juice. Use this sauce for a variety of dishes such as boiled tofu, cold tofu, grilled fish, salads, as well as chiri and shabu-shabu.

Halal certified Teriyaki Sauce

Well-seasoned "Teriyaki sauce" is a sweet taste. Just saute meat or fish in a frying pan, season with this sauce, and saute again. Then you’ll have delicious "Teriyaki."


Give the taste of Yamagata to those near and dear to you, or as a thank you for help received. Available both online and in our shops.