The Marujyu Soysauce & Seasoning Corp.


Halal is any food that is prepared under Islamic law (Sharia), and it literallymeans "a permissible object."

To eat pork or drink alcohol is prohibited in Islam. A "Certifica te of Halal Authentication" can be labeled on the food that has been proven to contain no ingredients such as pork, pork fat, gelatin (derived from bone marrow or the hides of pigs), nor alcohol component (such as preservatives) a nd which is "a food that has been treated in a proper manner prescribed in Islam."

The raw materials, ingredients, processes, management methods, as well as facilities and equipment related to manufacturing, have to be c losely examined to get the halal certificate. Only the products that have been a pproved as halal can be permitted to be sold with the Certificate of Halal Authen tication on them.

The Certificate of Halal Authentication has been issued to our c ompany by one of the two official certification bodies in Japan, "NPO Japan Asso ciation of Halal (JHA)." The association is a certification body approved by "JAK IM (Malaysian government halal certification body),” worldwide and the stringe nt HALAL certification standard. Thereby our company has been allowed to supply products exported worldwide to foreign countries and the Islamic world, such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. (May 26, 2014 authentication)