The Marujyu Soysauce & Seasoning Corp.

A flavor cultivated through the seasons for more than 180 years.
The unforgettable heart and soul of Japanese cuisine.

Initially established in the 15th year of the Tenpo Era (1844) as a Safflower merchant. At that time Yamagata’s Hashu Safflower was as highly prized in Kamigata (Kyoto Area) as Awa Indigo.
The company, which started as a maritime merchant shipping the safflower first by boat on the Mogami River to the sea, then overland to Kyoto and Osaka, entered the brewing industry in the middle of the Meiji Era (1868-1912) and continues to the present day.

Soy Sauce

Marujyu Oya’s signature sauces are that of ‘Aji Marujyu’ which is made using the first extraction of broth made from carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan, and Traditionally Brewed Koikuchi (dark) Soy sauce.


Additive-free Organic Miso, Yamagata Tsuyahime Rice Koji Miso, and miso which has been matured to the overtures of Bach are some of the varieties on offer in our miso collection.

The Marujyu Soysauce & Seasoning Corp.

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